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Dear Labrador-Retriever owner,

Danger Elvis vom Lohner Brook, a.k.a Elvis, is a wonderful dog, as you already can see in the photos on this site.

Elivs was born on 17.04.2014. From early on, we trained him and were surprised with his intelligent working, his loyalty and his instinct for hunting. He is a very friendly dog who likes to work hard. He looks so young but when you see his muscles, body and feel the power he has, you will realise his pedigree. Having said that, he is a very calm dog.

After a completed task, he looks to you and it seems, as if he is asking: “Are you happy with my doing, or shall I do it again?”.

Over a period of one year, in a team with lots of other dogs, we trained him every week. It was amazing, to see him working.

During his education a lot of other Labrador-owners complimented him (and us) as a really beautiful dog. We are proud of Elvis! And now, after 3 years, and having obtained a lot of breeding-certification, we have decided  to use him for breeding.

We are breeding in the DRC (German Retriever Club e.V.), who is associated to JGHV (Hunting-Dog-Association), the VDH (Association of Dogs) und FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale for Dogs worldwide)

Elvis is a dog for hunting, but also for dummy-training as well.

Do not hesitate to call us, if you have any questions, or if you would like to visit us.

As for accommodation, our little village has good, well priced hotels; or you could come with your caravan, no problem. We are near the Dutch border, a beautiful part of Germany, which allows you to enjoy some days with your dogs and use the time to breed with Elvis successfully.

Another option, if you agree to it, is that we may offer to visit you with our caravan.



Name: Danger Elvis vom Lohner Brook

Date of Birth: 17.04.2014

Breed: Labrador Retriever

DRC Certificate:

Family Homepage:





The three year old Elvis is ready for breeding.

If you wish to breed with Elvis, please feel free to contact us.

You could either come and stay in our quaint village, where there are good value hotels, or bring your caravan. 

Another option is that we could come to you with our caravan. 

Use our contact info below to get hold of us and discuss further arrangements.


Hubertus & Mechthild Brüggemann
+49 2567 3349
+49 172 2183469
Buurser Str. 65, 48683 Ahaus-Alstätte, Germany

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